Wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley – third stop

Estampa winery

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The third winery on our  wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley tour was Estampa, a short ride away from MontGras. It was a quick stop on our way to the next winery but nevertheless quite worth that stop.

Why did we stop there? For the white wine. The Sauvignon Blanc. After all the reds I was dying for a refreshing, light, fruity, acid white wine that gives me the much-needed Spritz on a hot afternoon. And this is exactly what I got. Continue reading

Meet the wine maker: Daniel Ansen from Domaine Ansen

“Stay calm and have faith” – The chemist among Alsacian wine makers

Domaine Ansen is a small wine estate in the village of Westhoffen, Alsace, just a short drive away from Straßbourg. It was established in 2012 by Daniel Ansen. Daniel owns 8 ha of vineyards spread over the wine hills in and around Westhoffen, which he works organically. This means he doesn’t use any chemical additives to make his wine nor does he spray his vineyards with chemicals. He grows all of the varieties that are permitted to be produced into Alsacian wine, with Riesling being his major variety. He produces mostly white wines, Pinot Noir and also Crémant d’Alsace.

Daniel Ansen

Daniel Ansen

Daniel and I are driving back from Colmar, the wine capital of Alsace, where he had wine business to do. He is driving the car, his daughter is sleeping in the back of the car while I’m sitting in the passenger seat enjoying the view of the Vosges mountains. The peacefulness and tranquility of the situation encourage me to ask Daniel for an interview. He kindly agrees. So, lean back and enjoy reading the following interview! Continue reading

Learning a little about Saale Unstrut wine region


Travelling the big world often begins with one small step. The wine growing region of Saale Unstrut is my first small step towards all the wines around the globe. I spent a wonderful weekend in the viallage of Bad Sulza, right at the start of the Saale Unstrut wine route. The Saale Unstrut wine region is located in the federal states of Thüringen and Sachsen-Anhalt, close to the middle of Germany, with Jena being the closest bigger city nearby. So, what did I bring back in my backpack? What did I learn? Continue reading