Meet the wine maker: Sebastian Müller from Brühler Hof in Rheinhessen, Germany

The organic pioneers among Rheinhessen wine makers

The wine estate Brühler Hof, run by the Müller family, is a Rheinhessen wine institution. In 1989, when Hans-Peter Müller introduced organic production methods other wine makers didn’t even think about organic wine growing, not even in their wildest dreams. But not here. Organic growing is the family’s top priority. You can see this in the vineyard where no chemicals are used and everything is done by hand. Herbs are planted in the middle of the vines to deter insects, for the same purpose pheromones are used instead of chemical aids.

Working the vineyard at more than 30 degrees.

Working the vineyard at more than 30 degrees.

But also the production process is organized in accordance with ecological and sustainable standards. Solar power is used as the main energy generator and many other energy recycling measures are taken. Continue reading

Wine region Rheinhessen – some impressions

Wine region Rheinhessen is rolling hills territory. Here are some impressions of the scenery from my stay at the wine estate Brühler Hof in early August.


Ready for travel and wine

Finally: wine around the globe is starting. I am on my way! Full of excitement and nervousness, I am sitting on the train that takes me from Mainz to Mannheim and then on to Straßbourg, from where I will catch a bus to Westhoffen, Northern Alsace, France. The first stop on my wine around the globe tour.


The site Roter Hang in Nierstein.

The train moves between the river Rhein and Rheinhessen’s wine hills, passing one of the most prestigous wine growing areas, The Roter Hang in the village of Nierstein, before fully emerging into the hearf of Rheinhessen. The sun is shining, I couldn’t have asked for a better start! Continue reading