Wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley – Second Stop

MontGras Winery

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MontGras is a Chilean success story. Founded in 1992, it now exports its wines to roughly 35 countries and is among the big players in the Chilean wine industry, still owned by its Chilean founding partners. It is a big company, no doubt about that, but when you enter their premises you get a very personal welcome and people take their time to explain things to you. Above all, their tastings are very generous and carried out by knowledgeable and also entertaining staff.

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What I liked about MontGras is the fact, that they have vineyards in three very specific locations: The Leyda Valley, which is very close to the Pacific, where mostly white wines such as the Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay are grown. Then the Colchagua Valley, where the winery is located, and the Maipo Valley at the foot of the Andes. Here MontGras grows its Cabernet Sauvignon for the standout wine “Intriga”, which doesn’t come as a surprise, was one of my favourite wines.

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My other favourite wine was the Grenach-Syrah-Carignon blend from the Antu range. I definitely recommend to visit this winery, if you are looking for a pleasant and interesting wine experience.

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For more information visit their website.

The next stop on our wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley tour will be Estampa winery. Some more kilometers away. Have to get back on that bike. See you later!

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