Let’s get chemical!

Brix, PH, Titratable acidity – things to do in the lab before harvest

View over the vineyards to the Marmara Sea.

View over the vineyards to the Marmara Sea.

I am currently spending some time working at the Chateau Kalpak in Turkey where we wait for the harvest to start any minute. While waiting we enjoy the nice view out of our window but cannot help asking ourselves: What goes on in the lab down in the cellar and what implications does it have for the harvest? And, above all, for the wine? Continue reading

Wine time and rural life in Bulgaria

I am one day out of Bulgaria and I already miss it. Let me tell you first and foremost: I love Bulgaria, I love Bulgarian wine (what I tried of it), I love Bulgarian people (even though they don’t like each other). I want to live and die in Bulgaria! But how did this happen and what did I experience?


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Plovdiv: 42.135408, 24.745290
Sredno Gradishte: 42.306505, 25.294123
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Plovdiv, Bulgarien
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Sredno Gradishte

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