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I am back. Haven’t posted in a while since I was recharging my travel batteries. In the meantime I was on Waiheke Island helping out with canopy management at a vineyard. Today I want to share some of the beautiful scenery that I encountered on Waiheke Island. It truely is a paradise. And what makes it even more beautiful is the fact, that on this tiny little island, you get a lot of good wine! In practically every corner, there is a vineyard that boasts stunning views and gorgeous wines.

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Some wine facts to start off with

  • wine on Waiheke Island is young: wine growing started in the 1980s
  • Waiheke Island belongs to the wine growing region “Auckland” and is only a thirty minutes ferry ride away from downtown Auckland
  • wine on Waiheke Island started with traditional Bordeaux blends but increasingly Syrah is becoming more dominant and successful
  • 60% of the vines planted are red (Merlot and Syrah leading here) but whites are on the increase (mainly Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc)
  • And the most important fact: Waiheke wine tastes grate!

Amazing natural beauty

Have a look at these photos. I cannot recall a place on my trip where vineyards and nature have formed such a breath taking pair.

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Best place I have found so far to get married. How can anyone say no here?

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Vineyards looking inland.

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Vineyards looking towards the sea. Wherever they are looking, there is always a nice breeze from the gulf that cools down the vines.

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Rolling wine hills in the eastern part of the Island.

Truely spectacular views. In my next life I want to be a grapevine.

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Meet some vineyards

Waiheke Island boats around 25 wine producers, all of them rather small scale and artisan. Two of Waiheke’s wine estates are organic: Jurassic Ridge and Kennedy Point. I was lucky to meet Lance, the wine maker of Jurrasic Ridge and really enjoyed his wines.

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Goldie Wines also hosts the wine science centre by the University of Auckland. Here I met a French winemaker from Morocco who fell in love with the Syrah!

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At Man O’ War winery I met a Maori couple who I spent the afternoon with. They loved the Sauvignon Blanc and over two bottles of this wine I learned a lot about Maori culture.  A Man O’War employer introduced me to the Syrah that was blended with a little Viogner – and I fell in love. With the wine. Not the employer 🙂

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At Jurassic Ridge winery I met Lance and his wines and learned about his dedication to organic wine growing. He also taught me that Montepulciano is a grape variety, not only a town in Tuscany. Thanks, Lance.

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Wherever you encounter such a sign, there is only one thing to do: Follow it!


More information on Waiheke  Wines

Waiheke Island is there waiting to be explored. You find plenty more wineries there which won’t disappoint you. Best way to explore the island is to get a car (and hopefully someone who drives it), that is if you want to explore the vineyards in the east part of the island where public busses don’t go.  Anf it is also a little far to cycle.  Most vineyards in the western part can be walked or cycled to. Hitchhiking is also an option and a pretty good one on this island.


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Goodbye from Waiheke Island. I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me as much as I did.




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    • Agnes Honka says:

      Hi Daniel, yes, It’s mostly screw caps here. I will look into this question. Very interesting. I didn’t think that there would be different types of screcaps for different varieties. I’ll investigate! All the best, Agnes

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    Hello Agnes. I have enjoyed reading your traveling/ wine adventures with some jealousy. You are now getting close to Australia. When wil we see you ?
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