Wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley – third stop

Estampa winery

2015-12-17 17.46.34

The third winery on our  wine and bike in the Colchagua Valley tour was Estampa, a short ride away from MontGras. It was a quick stop on our way to the next winery but nevertheless quite worth that stop.

Why did we stop there? For the white wine. The Sauvignon Blanc. After all the reds I was dying for a refreshing, light, fruity, acid white wine that gives me the much-needed Spritz on a hot afternoon. And this is exactly what I got.

2015-12-17 17.52.30








The Sauivignon Blanc here is delicious, it is grown in the western part of the Colchagua Valley, very close to the Pacific. Another pleasant surprise was the Rosé which is a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

2015-12-17 17.53.30








We liked it so much that a) the next day I came back to buy some more of the Sauvignon Blanc and b) also next day in the evening we returned to view the sunset with a nice glass of wine, an enourmous cheese platter and some salmon tartar. Really nice and highly recommended.

2015-12-17 18.14.51

Enjoy your wine at sunset right here! Or at any other time really 🙂


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