Planning my wine and travel experience

20150502_103804Everyone I told so far was totally happy for me and excited about my idea – travelling the world learning about wine for roughly a year. But what are the single steps that I have to  take to a) get going and b) get going well?

Quitting my job

I am working as a career coach at a university in Berlin, I also freelance for companies and individuals. I love working with people helping them finding and realizing career and life goals. This is so rewarding. Continue reading

Welcome to my wine and travel blog

This is it: I have decided to learn about WINE. I want to become a bit of a wine nerd. Someone who goes round sniffing wine glasses saying: “Mmm…there’s a hint of honey there in the midst of a field of vanilla” or “Does anyone else spot some peach or is it rather pear?” well…..something of that sort. Well yes, that would be nice. But even more interesting to me is to see where wine grows, how it is harvested and processed, what differences exist in flavour due to differences in soil, climate, techniques and everything else that I can’t think of right now. I am a beginner with hardly any knowledge and I want to become quite an expert. This blog is here to accompany my various steps along this journey. And for you to follow them, if you like. Enjoy and cheers!