From concrete tank to stylish bedroom – wine accommodation taken seriously

You want a wine experience that not only excites your taste buds but also your whole body? Even while you’re asleep? Then this wine accommodation is the place for you.

Panaroma view from the village.

On my first night in Maury my host Carrie took me to her friend Monica who runs an airbnb place in Trilla, a small and quiet village in the Rousillian mountains. Carrie explained to me that Monica bought the village cave (cave is the French word for the place where wine is produced, similar to our term cellar) and transformed it into a little B&B. I couldn’t picture it driving up to Trilla on windy and narrow roads in the middle of the night. I was more occupied with getting there safe. You know what it’s like to drive with the locals on narrow and windy roads, right?

But what I got to see that night exceeded all fantasies I could have ever had! But see the pictures for yourself. Enjoy! (for the undertitles scroll with your mouse on the picture)

Thank you, Monica, for having me around and sharing this beautiful place with me.

If you’re interested in this place, here is the airbnb link to Monica’s prifile, she offers dormitory as well as private accommodation:

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